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Ashford Solutions LLC
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Speak with a developer to:

  • Examine your data acquisition\control requirements.
  • Discuss critical elements you may be concerned.
  • Explore acquisition hardware alternatives.
  • Help you define instrumentation requirements.
  • Discuss LabVIEW or other application frameworks.
  • Discuss how we can help you make it happen.

Additional live support or development available for a low hourly fee.

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Our goal is to help you plan and implement your project for optimim results - which means having a METHODICAL APPROACH to gather your requirements, develop the solution and ensure quality results.  

Below is our step by step process to get up and going with a project.  Please download our process PDF or click through the stages below to get a feel for our project planning process.

Step One - Reviewing your requirements Step Two - Design and Fabicate Step Three
What our team can do:
  • Help you review your requirements in terms what you wish to control / monitor. Data types, acquisition speeds etc. to help them define their hardware requirements needs (if needed) .
  • We can design and fabricate custom test hardware integration solutions as needed to get the data they need or to control the real world hardware they need to make move or control in their test situation, (see Custom Precision Wire Taping System Design)
  • We can also design and fabricate completely custom acquisition system or specific to your unique needs. We do not try to fit all projects to just one solution methodology. This could include custom electronics and or mechanical components we could design and build as needed or where possible using off the shelf building blocks to keep the system easily replicable.
  • We work closely with National Instruments and can draw upon a wealth of resources build you the highest quality and performance systems available today to solve your specific test or automation needs..
  • We are a National Instruments Certified LabVIEW developer and very experienced developing LabVIEW applications both large and small. We have developed solutions ranging from simple automated product testers to systems using hundreds of sensors and measurement devices. (See ..Nuclear Reactor Simulators developed for.. Oregon State University)
  • We can work with you Remotely.  Much of what we develop may require that we work on the customer’s hardware for some part of the development. We have been very successful working with Engineers and Scientists all over the world remotely in such cases using a remote login to the customers system. This is not possible in all cases but when possible can help to reduce development cost and time.

Certification Matters

Ashford Solutions LLC
Aloha, Oregon 97078-2468
Phone: 503-217-2370
Email: Louis@AshfordSolutions.com


National Instruments CLD

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