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Ashford Solutions LLC
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Free 30 minute consultation!

Speak with a developer to:

  • Examine your data acquisition\control requirements.
  • Discuss critical elements you may be concerned.
  • Explore acquisition hardware alternatives.
  • Help you define instrumentation requirements.
  • Discuss LabVIEW or other application frameworks.
  • Discuss how we can help you make it happen.

Additional live support or development available for a low hourly fee.

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We have National Instruments Certified Developers on staff and are highly experienced SCADA system developers.

  • Engineering and Scientific Testing Systems
  • Hardware Testing Solutions
  • LabVIEW Based Development Plus Others
  • Local and Web based Solutions
  • Easy To Use, Attractive Interfaces

Ashford Solutions minimizes production costs by creating in-house testing solutions customized to your product, software and hardware needs.

Our Custom Developed Testing Tools and Solutions include:

  • Test Automation and Control
  • Custom Test Management Software Development
  • Test Metrics, Tracking, Logging
  • Statistical Process Control, Real Time XBar & R Control Charting
  • Multi-Channel Real Time Data Acquisition
  • High Channel Count plus High Performance Systems
  • Embedded Control Systems
  • Industrial Control
  • Vision and Image Recognition for Manufacturing Automation
  • Wired and Wireless Application Control (including Android Tablet Based Control)

Certification Matters

Ashford Solutions LLC
Aloha, Oregon 97078-2468
Phone: 503-217-2370
Email: Louis@AshfordSolutions.com


National Instruments CLD

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